A Much Needed Vacation

A Much Needed Vacation

Photo By Ashley Glenn

I took a vacation last week…a much needed one. It was time for me to take a little break from work, home life, and even my dog. It has been a very long time since I had a vacation and I knew I had to make it happen. I have been telling my cousin that I would visit him in Chicago for a few years now and it was time to follow through. My cousin was a wonderful host and showed me around the city. Before I go more in depth with my trip, it’s time to me to elaborate on how important it is to take a vacation.

  1. You Need To Relax

Sometimes, we literally do too much. We overwork ourselves and we don’t know when to stop. At times, it takes “inconveniences” to slow us down (like getting a cold or just being exhausted).

  1. Gives You Inspiration

There are times where we need to walk away from projects or activities that we are working on. It gives us a break and often we get inspired in the mean time. Take your mind off things and enjoy new experiences.

  1. You Return Motivated

When you return, you are inspired and motivated. You come back with a clear head and you feel like you can take on any task…because you can!

My trip had a great balance between tourist attractions and enjoying the city like a resident does. I visited The Bean, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Alder Planetarium, and the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I grubbed on Chicago deep-dish pizza, experienced nightlife at a local bar, dined at some amazing brunch spots, and took a day trip to Route 66 Raceway to watch some drag racing. Oh, and I spent an afternoon on the beach near Lake Michigan (I got in the water a few times as well!). He did such a great job at planning! It was also my first time flying in years, I was nervous but I handled it like a champ!


One of many photos of the city!


Enjoying a drink during dinner


A welcome home gift from my sissy

Now I’m back to my normal routine, refreshed from a wonderful vacation and wondering what my next trip will be.

Have you been on vacation yet this summer? Where did you go?


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