Photo By Brooke Glenn

When I think of summer, warm weather and sunny days are the first to come to my mind. Beaches and ice cream are not far behind from those thoughts either. But festivals and outdoor events are definitely next. The city of Baltimore has a variety of summer festivals that you can attend. Artscape is a free art festival that usually occurs over a weekend that has a variety of vendors including artists, designers, and craftspeople. In addition, there are plenty of food vendors to choose from! There is also a schedule of live music and other performing arts.

I usually attend this festive yearly, but I missed out the last couple of years. I decided to return and it was exactly how I remembered it. The crowd was beautiful! Everyone came together for their love of art, entertainment, food, and even people. It was a friendly reminder of why I enjoy the city of Baltimore.

I attended Artscape with my sister and a friend. This was her first Artscape, so we made sure she had a good time. My sister is a photographer and took so many dope photos during our time there.


Photo by Brooke Glenn


Photo by Brooke Glenn


Photo By Brooke Glenn

What are your favorite summer festivals in your city?

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