Slow Down Queen…

at times

These last two weeks have been so hard. My multiple (yes, more than one) to-do lists were long and it felt like I was never going to cross anything off. Trying to finish everything at once left me with low energy and I was drained (my apologies for not posting for a minute). After finishing all of the things I needed to do, I had to take a few days to re-group and get myself together. That’s a huge step for me! I am usually the person who keeps going and going. Usually, it would take a cold for me to slow down. But, I learned the hard way that it’s not the way to handle it. At times we need to slow down, at times we need to know when to stop. And I knew that I needed to stop (yay for growth!).

In order to get my energy back up, I ate plenty of fruits and veggies. I prefer to get my energy from natural sources. Along with the produce, I took my multi – vitamins with lots of water. I made sure that I received more than enough rest so I can wake up feeling less tired. Keeping a positive attitude, meditating, and my daily mantras definitely helped me make it through. But you are probably wondering, why is she sharing this? That’s because I get drained from everyday life as well. And sometimes, we forget that we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. That basket of laundry that needs to be folded can wait another day or two. Rest up queen!


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