My Bedtime Routine

My Bedtime Routine

Sleep is so important for our everyday lives. It allows us to reset our bodies and a good night’s rest can help us tackle the next day. With technology as a distraction, it can be difficult to disconnect and unwind for sleep. A bed time routine can assist with better sleep and also schedule your sleep patterns. I have a bed time routine that helps me unwind and get ready for rest. Need any suggestions? Check out the following:

  1. Drink Tea

Drinking a cup of tea is so relaxing for me. I have boxes of tea in my cabinet and I choose whichever flavor I am in the mood for. I prefer drinking herbal teas and my favorite brands include Yogi Tea and Celestial Seasonings. I use raw honey and agave to sweeten my tea. I also have a collection of mugs so I can enjoy drinking my tea in little pieces of art.

  1. Meditate

I like to meditate before I sleep because it relaxes me. Whether if it’s for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, I will make some time for meditation rather than no time at all. It allows for me to clear my head so my mind does not race while I am in bed.

  1. Take a Bath or Shower

This is a must! Taking a bath or shower helps relax me. I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap because it is refreshing and cleansing. I will use the Lavender soap for relaxation. If I am taking a bath, I will put a few drops of lavender oil and a ½ cup of Epsom salt in the bathtub.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is my absolute favorite! I have an oil diffuser that I use everyday. I will put an oil blend in my diffuser before bed and it amazing. My favorite oil blend at the moment is Lavender and Jasmine. This floral blend is relaxing and smells so sweet! At times, I will also spray a blend of lavender oil and water on my bed sheets before bedtime.

  1. Chill Music

I have a playlist that is specialized for my “chill mode”. My playlists includes an array of recent R&B and 90’s R&B. These songs really make me feel good and help me relax from a long day.


How do you make sure you get a good night’s rest?


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