Consistency is key

Consistency is key

Have you attempted to implement a new change in your life and you were not successful? Did you look back to see what you could have done differently to be more successful with that change? I have experienced this plenty of times and it is okay! We are not perfect and at times we have to fail in order to succeed. One way to avoid that feeling of failure is to develop consistent behavior. Consistency is one of the most difficult parts of goal setting and plays a huge role in achieving those goals successfully. Here are my tips for conducting consistent behavior for your goal setting:

Self Encouragement

Encourage yourself and say it loud! This will help you follow through with your actions. There will be times when you will disappoint yourself but you have to keep pushing and let it go. Continue to speak positive words to yourself and about yourself.


Developing a new routine will assist with consistency. Once you schedule time for your goal it will result in achievement. I learned that you have to plan time for yourself to work on self improvement. Setting alarms and using planners has helped me stay on track when developing new routines.

Vision Boards

Are you a visual person? Make a vision board! You may need to see it everyday to serve as a friendly reminder. You can create a vision board using a poster board and magazines clippings. You can also create a vision board on Pinterest.

Start off Small

Depending on your goal, it may be best to start off small. Sometimes when we make drastic changes, it can be difficult to change everything right away. Take small steps to adjust. You are less likely to go back to previous habits this way.

Journal Your Progress

It can be discouraging when we feel like we are not close to achieving our goals. That can sometimes allow us to disrupt our consistent behaviors and go back to previous habits. If you journal your progress, you can look at how much you have accomplished during those times when you are feeling discouraged.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself throughout your journey! You are acknowledging your progress and showing a form of self love. It doesn’t have to be much, it can be simple as a latte from your favorite coffee shop.


How are you conducting consistent behaviors for your goals?


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