Show Gratitude

Show Gratitude

With our busy lives and things not always going as planned, it can be difficult to show gratitude. At times we forget how grateful we are and need a friendly reminder. Usually during this time of year, we reflect and appreciate what we have in our lives. However, we should not practice gratitude once a year to show appreciate for life and those who are in it. By practicing gratitude daily, you may find yourself happier and at peace. Additionally, you may find yourself valuing what you currently have rather than what you do not have momentarily. How do I show gratitude? I tell my family and friends that I love them and I am thinking of them. I take care of my home and personal items to show appreciation for them. I enjoy giving compliments to others.

There are many things that I am grateful for, but I would love to share a few with you all:

Family: My family means the world to me and I thank them daily for being a great support system.

Friends: My small circle of dope friends are loving and always down for a mimosa or two.

Good Health: I am extremely thankful for good health and doing everything on my part to maintain it.

My Home: Words cannot explain how much I enjoy walking into my home. Instantly, I feel relaxed when my fur baby greets me.

Career: I am grateful that I’m able to make a living for myself and enjoy what I do.

It’s your turn now! Take this time to reflect on what you are truly grateful for. Acknowledge that list daily and notice the positive energy it brings. Do you find yourself happier or more at peace? The holiday season is approaching and gratitude is usually shown during this time. I challenge you to not only show gratitude this season, but also afterwards.



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