3 Simple Affirmations for your Daily Routine

3 Simple Affirmations for your Daily Routine

Can you believe that we are in the middle of January already? I hope you are still focused on your intentions that you set for 2017. I have been grinding hard and dedicating time towards my goals for the new year. We can be so busy that we lose sight on things that are important to us. I love repeating daily affirmations when I feel that my vibrations are low. Affirmations can be great friendly reminders and pick me ups. I feel better instantly after repeating them a few times. Below are some of my simple and favorite affirmations that are great to add to your daily routines.

1. You are beautiful

Yes, I have moments when I am not feeling my best. Sometimes my curls do not respond the way I want them to. There are mornings when I am not able to spend the time that I wanted on my make-up for the day. I still look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful each and every day. I fully love and embrace myself even with my flaws. It takes work to get there and it does not happen over night, but it is possible.

2. The universe will support me

Things do not always go as planned. Always remember that the universe has a plan and that you will be ok. Make time to build a relationship with the universe. Try sun gazing during the afternoon or meditate for a few minutes in the grass.

3. You are loved

My family and friends are extremely loving and supportive. They will be there for me at my peaks and valleys. I truly value those relationships and will always make quality time with them.

What are your favorite affirmations? How do you include affirmations in your daily routine?


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