How To Create Your Vision Board to Manifest Your Intentions

How To Create Your Vision Board to Manifest Your Intentions

Photo by Ashley Glenn

Collage Arrangement by Ashley Glenn

It’s the beginning of a new year! Time to look back on the past year and reflect. Are there goals that you want to accomplish during this fresh start? Do you find yourself not following through on your ambitions? Creating a vision board is a great way to manifest your intentions for the New Year. This guide will share tips on creating your vision board for the year!

Before you start your vision board, set your intentions. What goals would you like to achieve? Why are you creating this board? If you are struggling with setting your intentions, close your eyes and visualize what truly makes you happy. Is it a new job? Moving to a new city? Having clear intentions will create a successful visual board. Once you are able to understand and set your intentions, you can design your board.

Now the fun begins! There are a couple of ways to produce your vision board. You can create a collage or a digital board. In order to create a collage, you will need the following items:

  • Poster board or cork board (your desired size)
  • Glues/pins
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Magazines and books (select items that you do not mind cutting from, if these items are important to you, they may not be the best choice)
  • Other crafting supplies that you enjoy using

Simply cut items that you find in magazines or books that speak to you. If these items will help with your intentions and represent the goals that you want to accomplish, consider putting them on your vision board. Find key words that resonate with you or photos that make you happy. You are supposed to feel good and inspired when looking at your board. Arrange your clippings on your board to your liking and glue/pin in place. This allows you to be creative and place the images in a way that is pleasing to your eyes. When complete, post the board in an area that you will see daily. The purpose of the board is to become inspired and work on your intentions. If you do not see your board often, there is a less likely chance that you will follow through with your intentions. Plus, your work of art is beautiful and something that you should be proud of.

If you prefer to save trees, a digital vision board is another option. Use an inspiration board social media site/tool, such a Pinterest, and create your board. Search key words that resonate with you and your intentions to pin on your board. You can always make your vision board “private” if you prefer to keep your goals to yourself. This vision board is a great option if you are constantly using this social media site, that way you are able to see it often and be inspired regularly. If you are not a frequent user of that site, it may not be best to place your vision board there. Again, you want to see your board daily to keep you inspired.

When creating your vision board, make sure your environment brings good energy. Play your favorite music or dim your lights to help you relax. You can even create your board with friends and have a vision board party! Making the time to produce your board is an act of self-love and self-care. You are taking the time to vision your goals and how you want to accomplish them. The vision board is a friendly reminder of what you want to achieve. Now, you have to put in the work and positive energy to make it happen.


Did you make a vision board for 2017? How are you using your board to achieve your goals for the new year?


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