New Look – Spring 2017

I did it! I have wanted a new haircut for over a year and I finally had the courage to follow through. I always loved the inverted layered cut, I love how it looks on curly hair and the shape is absolutely dope. I have been in the natural hair game for almost six years and I have learned that the shape of your curls can make or break your hairstyles. I also had some split ends that needed to be cut so the timing was perfect for this new look. Candis, my stylist, slayed these layers in my hair. I was nervous at first because this was the first “hair cut” since my big chop. Of course I had trims in the past, but it was nothing compared to this. Candis performed my hair cut on stretched hair (blow dried). After the cut, she two-strand flat twisted my curls. I kept the twists in and carefully unraveled the next day. 

I’m so excited to experiment with my new shape. I am thinking about experimenting with the wash and go and even diffusing (say what now?). I definitely see a Target run in my near feature to experiment with some products. 

Have you switched your look for spring? 


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  1. Samone
    June 23, 2017 / 11:29 pm

    Hi Ashley,
    I just did the big chop tonight and was on, so your review and was blown away by how beautiful your hair is. I’m a 32 yr old, wife and Mom and transitioning back into the Natural scene again. Plz continue u to do reviews and give tips!

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