New Look – Spring 2017

I did it! I have wanted a new haircut for over a year and I finally had the courage to follow through. I always loved the inverted layered cut, I love how it looks on curly hair and the shape is absolutely dope. I have been in the natural hair game for almost six years and I have learned that the shape of your curls can make or break your hairstyles.

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My Natural Hair Regimen: Winter 2016 – 17

Back to the basics! I decided to color my hair back to dark brown and get ready for a healthy natural hair journey this winter. I adjusted my regimen to grow healthy hair. Check out the adjustments:

Oiling My Scalp

Oiling my scalp is necessary in the winter. My scalp is so dry! I will use a light oil to give myself daily scalp massages to keep my scalp moisturized and to promote blood circulation. This can promote healthy hair growth. It also relaxes me from a long day and I notice my stress levels reduce after my scalp massages.

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Self Care Sunday – Treat Yourself

treat yourself you deserve it 2

Previously, I wrote a post about why it is important to take time for you. Self-care is the key for long-term happiness. When you take time to care and attend to what makes you happy, it will reflect in other aspects of your life. I became a better daughter, sister, friend, dog owner, and work professional when I decided to include consistent self-care rituals in my lifestyle. I learned how important self-care was a couple of years ago and it has changed my life drastically since. I try to take time for it almost every day (about an hour a day) and take the time to meditate, read, cook, or just simply relax. In addition, I will take extra time on Saturday or Sunday after I complete my long list of errands.

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My Hair Regimen – Summer 2016

Photo by Brooke Glenn

I have been natural for almost 5 years (in September) and I have my regimen down. I know what products and product combinations that will give me the results I need for styling. In April, I decided to color my hair (ombre). I was getting bored with my hair and this wasn’t my first experience with color. I colored my hair once while I was relaxed and another time during my second year of wearing my hair natural. I wasn’t a stranger to the process and I already knew how the maintenance was going to be. Even though I absolutely love my color, I realized my hair was extremely dry this time around. My curls were not popping and my twists out were not lasting at all. I had to re-twist my hair almost every night just for my hair to look decent…and I still didn’t like it! I was even considering coloring my hair dark brown just so I didn’t have to deal with it. But I decided to protective style for a couple of weeks and try to find some styling products that work and tweak things in my regimen. I’m glad that I stuck with it. My curls are finally responding the way they used to and I love my color even more than what I did before.

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