Photo By Brooke Glenn

When I think of summer, warm weather and sunny days are the first to come to my mind. Beaches and ice cream are not far behind from those thoughts either. But festivals and outdoor events are definitely next. The city of Baltimore has a variety of summer festivals that you can attend. Artscape is a free art festival that usually occurs over a weekend that has a variety of vendors including artists, designers, and craftspeople. In addition, there are plenty of food vendors to choose from! There is also a schedule of live music and other performing arts.

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A Much Needed Vacation

Photo By Ashley Glenn

I took a vacation last week…a much needed one. It was time for me to take a little break from work, home life, and even my dog. It has been a very long time since I had a vacation and I knew I had to make it happen. I have been telling my cousin that I would visit him in Chicago for a few years now and it was time to follow through. My cousin was a wonderful host and showed me around the city. Before I go more in depth with my trip, it’s time to me to elaborate on how important it is to take a vacation.

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