Self Care Sunday – Treat Yourself

treat yourself you deserve it 2

Previously, I wrote a post about why it is important to take time for you. Self-care is the key for long-term happiness. When you take time to care and attend to what makes you happy, it will reflect in other aspects of your life. I became a better daughter, sister, friend, dog owner, and work professional when I decided to include consistent self-care rituals in my lifestyle. I learned how important self-care was a couple of years ago and it has changed my life drastically since. I try to take time for it almost every day (about an hour a day) and take the time to meditate, read, cook, or just simply relax. In addition, I will take extra time on Saturday or Sunday after I complete my long list of errands.

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A Much Needed Vacation

Photo By Ashley Glenn

I took a vacation last week…a much needed one. It was time for me to take a little break from work, home life, and even my dog. It has been a very long time since I had a vacation and I knew I had to make it happen. I have been telling my cousin that I would visit him in Chicago for a few years now and it was time to follow through. My cousin was a wonderful host and showed me around the city. Before I go more in depth with my trip, it’s time to me to elaborate on how important it is to take a vacation.

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Why Is It Important To Take Time For Yourself?

We have all been there before. We are so busy with our everyday lives that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. We keep pushing things back and say that we will get there later. I have been there on many occasions. I am the queen of being a busy bee and I have definitely pushed back taking time for myself. But I learned that it helps me more if I take an hour to relax rather than over working myself. It is important to take time for yourself to relax and to do the things that you love. Why is this the case?

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Photo by Brooke Glenn


I would like to thank you in advance to visiting my space. Your time is greatly appreciated. This blog has definitely been long overdue and I have been waiting to share my feelings and experiences with you.

So you’re probably wondering, why did I chose to create a blog? During the fall of 2012, I started my senior year of college. I majored in Mass Communication and I had to complete a few writing courses for general requirements. Usually, college students dislike taking general requirement classes but I actually loved my writing classes. I have been wearing my hair in its natural state for a little over a year at this time and I enjoyed going to curly events. At that moment, I knew I had to blog about something I am passionate about. Health and beauty have been long time interests of mine.

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